No Refrain EP

by Mike Petruccelli

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SIMPLE YET LOVELY. Favorite track: Chicago Hope.
Jerry Cola
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Jerry Cola The soothing minstrels of Mike Petruccelli are highly recommended as part of your daily balanced breakfast. Favorite track: Chicago Hope.
Kyle Manning
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Kyle Manning The man, the beard, the legend. Pastaccellii's at it again with the appropriately neurotic, lengthy songs you know and love about growin' up and shit. Favorite track: Chicago Hope.


After many changes and a long period of stagnation, I decided to stop hiding behind monikers and just release my solo music under my own name. These oddly redefining years spawned this EP and a lot of self discovery with songwriting. I wanted to keep it simple and have no extra tracking, I also decided to write around the usual "verse/chorus/verse/chorus" structure (thus the name of the EP).


released December 3, 2013

This EP was semi-live recorded over the span of 6 hours at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, IL on October 4th, 2013. It was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Peter Carparelli.

All songs were written and performed by a very tired and nervous Mike Petruccelli, it's to be expected.

EP photo was shot on a cold Autumn day by Alicia Swearingen and then cropped by Jason Swearingen. It was shot on the front porch of their new house (sorry for creeping out your neighbors, guys).



all rights reserved


Mike Petruccelli Chicago, Illinois

"He's fat and his music sucks and he isn't a lance corporal."

-dude on internet

"He's basically the punk version of Garfield."

- a friend

"He cannot process stress normally. Highly anxious."


"I really wish he was quieter"

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Track Name: Acapulco (The Irony of Flight 11)
I said to you that day “I wish I could head back home”,
but instead you got on a flight, and I stood on a walkway belt.
And those flags reminded me of the world I’ll barely see,
but when the sensor went off all of it meant nothing,
and right there and then I knew it meant something.

Because sometimes I miss you guys too much,
in corners, near luggage, departures, and advertisements.
It looked better in retrospect,
Against the cold lake wind.

Somehow those simple words are what I have come to miss,
“Progress involves risk”, and I said it too many times to forget it,
And of course I felt movement as we started to head south,
flustered and confused: “I wondered how I got out.”
The bird looking back at the cage with big doubts.

Sometimes you find your lesson in an airport gateway,
learning they can’t be 5 minutes away.
Track Name: Watch for fillers, don't be a hero.
I have seen the promise land, and it’s not what you’d expect,
In fact it’s run down and everyone’s depressed.
but the one truth about it, is that nothing needs to fit,
and for the first time in 3 years I’m not upset.
just a little tired and exhausted.
I haven’t not seen the worst, but I’ve seen just enough,
Cocaine on the 82, and beggars in the station,
but the 4pm darkness, for about 5 months straight,
is much more brutal anything man has made.
If payphones still existed, I’d call you up on one,
dripping in the rain saying that you’ve won.
But like everything else now, the meaning’s long retired,
and it’s shelved up with a couple other desires.
All of it becomes a deaf perspective.
And when it’s too much to take in, I get the first row and top seat,
confirmation numbers and overnight sleep.
And when I return, the machine starts again,
the absurd rolls out and I ignite within.

I might be moving in the wrong direction,
because things are still weird, and I’m still tired.
But like everything else now,
the meaning doesn’t matter at all.
Track Name: Honey Snow
Counteract against everything, you hold your breath and at least for now you sing, against dissonance. This table and nice crowd, waiting for the check before we stumble out, and I know we’re going separate ways.

So watch your left, and do your best, I think the world of you and you know I’m bad at guessing, so hope you were honest.
And maybe now, maybe then, it’s not end, it’s just more of a when, and everything will be okay.

The locks match our souls,
While I hold you close and can’t let go.

We want the things we cannot have and to change the things that are unfortunate, how beautiful these things would be. I know the look, I know the face, I know we’re headed separate ways, so please, just please, be safe. Please, oh please, be safe.
Track Name: Chicago Hope
What will happen now? This fluke isn’t the show:
Those late night pools that we broke into, and from roofs we watched below.
It's a tiny pinch effect, and the change in the seams,
It feels like a lasting note, and everything is pristine,
Is this some kind of joke? because it’s not what it should be,
and it's kind of getting to me.

These wheels roll themselves, and these pictures are their own,
I have my place, I’m a moving part and bolt.
It feels like this will close up shop, and the landmarks are a lie.
So, if you need find me soon, raise the signal toward the sky,
I’ll be wandering about, before all of this passes by,
and there’s nothing left in sight.

It’s weird when it gets fixed, and all the pieces fall together.
It’s weird when it gets fixed, and all the pieces fall together.
Confiding in your hope, just like the promises you kept.
And when the wheels fall off you’ll have some stories and no regrets,
so let’s make some bets.